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Distressed Company Alert Statistics

The Distressed Company Alert has a 15-year history of identifying and reporting on troubled companies. Our combined 26 years of corporate bankruptcy research experience puts us in a position to provide unrivaled insight into companies that are struggling financially. Our unique process has resulted in over a decade of our subscribers remaining one step ahead of the game.

Total Companies & Events by Year

This table reflects a breakdown of the number of companies and the number of “distressed events” profiled in the last 15 years. Additionally, the last column reflects how many companies previously profiled subsequently filed bankruptcy that year.

Event Categories by Year

This chart reflects a breakdown of the types of events each year.

Top 10 Industries Reported on in the Distressed Company Alert.

This table reflects the industries of the companies reported on in the Distressed Company Alert for 2017.

Top 10 States

This chart reflects the states that house the most companies reported on in 2017.

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